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Keep Alive 生存法則

Client:Dara Studio

Production:豐饒之海動畫設計 OCEANTADS.TV



Client:Dara Studio

Agency:豐饒之海動畫設計 OCEANTADS.TV

Production:豐饒之海動畫設計 OCEANTADS.TV

Supervisor Producer:羅茂偉 MAO

Director:黃鈞毅 Peter Huang

Storyboard:Dara Studio Damon

Art design: 黃鈞毅 Peter Huang、Maru Liu、Emory Lin、Carton、Chuby

Character : 魚生 Lead

Animator:黃鈞毅 Peter Huang

Animation Team:Carton

Montage & SFX:Carton

Music & Sound Design:林瑪黛-大象說 Matelin

Voice Recording:施嘯天 擎天信使錄音室

Voice Actor : Mandy Chen、Joanna Huang、Haoping

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